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  • Katie + Casey {Austin Wedding Photographer}

  • Beautiful… timeless… elegant… true love is what comes to mind  to describe this special wedding day for Katie and Casey! What an honor and joy to witness these families come together! Her gown flowed and moved like a dream! Women’s Federation Mansion was the perfect backdrop, Central Christian Church built in 1929 was [...]
  • Jason + Amy {Austin Wedding Photographer}

  • So who knew we’d be in the midst of Mardi Gras style celebration! Amy’s gown was gorgeous on the hanger but wow when she put it on it blew me away. She had legs from here to tomorrow (yes I’m jealous all 5ft of me!!) and had added lace to the graceful split that draped down the front!  Love what Jason wore too! Soft gr[...]
  • Danielle + Michael {Austin Wedding Photographer}

  • Danielle what a sweetheart! And I knew I liked Michael the second I saw his Star Wars t-shirt! She has the personality of Snow White and he the charming prince!  Only they were so contagiously hilarious  anyone in earshot was laughing hysterically. It was out of control. I looked over at the DJ and he was about falli[...]
  • Kelly + Traig {Austin Wedding Photographer}

  • Don’t really know where to start with these two!  The moment you meet them you just want to sit and spend time with them! So honestly funny, caring, just a blast to be around… much less document!  I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud. :) Felt like the big day would never get here!  Loved all their ideas! [...]