About Michelle


What to expect…

My photographic style and service may not resemble that of any photographers you’ve used in the past. Old-fashioned personal service is key. It is important to remember that I photograph in a creative photo-journalistic style while still appreciating the need for traditional images.

I paid my dues learning the ropes of the photography industry as a commercial and wedding photographer’s assistant to two established studio photographers. During this time, I was drawn to the emotionally moving imagery of wedding photojournalism and struck out on my own to document wedding celebrations and portrait life, bringing the fine art and commercial photography experience along as I look through the lens.

Whether creating fine art portraiture or documenting a wedding day, you need both the experience to foresee fleeting moments quickly and the technical skill to capture them. There is a classic timeless quality I like to deliver in images when creating a personal piece of art.

It is crucial in creating fine art portraiture to not only put people at ease, but for them to have fun while we’re shooting. I have learned the value of keeping a sense of humor and patience as a mother of 9 year-old twins and an 11 year-old. I strive to make each session a fun and enjoyable memory that culminates in beautiful images. I was lucky early on to earn some high-profile clients.  I pay them respect by honoring their privacy. Coupled with my skills this has led to a successful career based primarily on referral clients.