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Michelle Loconto Photography is, without question, who should do your photography for your wedding. She was the most attentive, responsive, professional vendor I have ever worked with, and she was such a veteran with wedding photos it put me (the bride) at complete ease knowing that she would take care of everything. Although she was technically just my “photographer” I checked other boxes for the services she provided because she helped with our planning by referring us to incredibly priced and high quality vendors, providing counsel when we needed it, telling me which hairstyles and make up colors would be best in the lighting, etc. I could write endlessly about her talent and exceptionally focused vision for wedding photography. My family could not get over how amazing she was, and how she managed to be everywhere getting every shot imaginable. Also, she got us our photographs within THREE DAYS of our wedding! Literally, we were on our honeymoon and our wedding photos were in our inbox. Incredible! I had heard horror stories about wedding photographers who took months or years to get you photos, or that “disappeared”, and I can tell you that Michelle is the antithesis of those tales. She is bright, cheerful and inventive – and she can work with all personality types! Even conservative priests that are less concerned with your photos, which was a challenge for us that she overcame without causing us any stress. If I could rate our experience with her any higher than 5 stars, I would. Incredible value for total talent and professionalism. Highly, highly recommend – several of my girlfriends are getting married and wish they didn’t already sign contracts with photographers because they want to use her.

Katherine Trevino
  • Katherine Trevino

If you are looking for a photographer, LOOK NO FURTHER! You will have a blast working with Michelle, and she will capture the most amazing memories that you will cherish for a lifetime! I only have great things to say about her.

Where do I begin…One month into my engagement we hired Michelle to shoot our big day. The first time I spoke to her on the phone, I felt like she was an old friend. She immediately gave me guidance and advice not only about photography, but also about planning, hair, makeup, etc. I could do nothing, but hug her the first time we met in person.

Our first meeting was amazing, and Michelle made me feel so comfortable in her studio. Michelle went over our package, photos, itinerary, and so much more.

On my bridal portrait day, I was a little nervous to shoot. I’d never had a spotlight on me. Michelle busted out a bottle of champagne, and made me feel at ease. She also provided the best direction to capture beautiful photos. I love my bridal portraits! We shot at Laguna Gloria in Austin, and the photos were absolutely gorgeous!

Our rehearsal dinner…I never thought about having a professional photographer shoot our rehearsal, but when I tossed out the idea to Michelle, she jumped right on board! The price she quoted was great, and she was able to warm up my family and friends to the camera. My fianc√© has a really hard time taking pictures, and Michelle made him feel right at home. One of the best shots she took, was when she climbed up a rock clif in heels to get a photo from above where we were standing. I laugh every time I think of this. Michelle had to jump on an old truck and almost fell climbing to capture this moment. Michelle will do anything to for a creative photo. Some of the best photos were taken this night!

Our wedding day…Michelle showed up to our venue early, ready to shoot! As I was getting ready, I noticed her handing out cards to all the parents. In my mind I thought, wait a second, we should be giving her a card. The cards she was handing out had pictures from the rehearsal dinner that captured photos with the entire family. She also surprised me with portrait sized photos to display during our cocktail hour. Seeing them for the first time made me cry. Michelle’s an animal, how did she have time to put this together?

More wedding day…just a few hiccups…I know things can go wrong like the wedding cake almost falling over due to Texas heat, and the dj not playing the right song when your mom walks down the aisle, but Michelle helped calm me down when things weren’t 100%. Some of the most perfect moments was Michelle shooting my wedding, and the food that was served by Susan at Austin Catering.

This past year I’ve been in two weddings, and the brides were so upset after seeing their pictures. I felt terrible for them. The photos from my wedding are breathtaking, creative, tear jerking, hilarious, and absolutely perfect! Michelle is so talented, and down for the entire ride! I never heard one complaint, and I have none to give!

One of the best photos Michelle took was in our hotel when the wedding was over. Michelle was probably bushed, but she’s so dedicated and passionate about her work. She drove all the way to our hotel to shoot a picture that she had taken from another wedding. When I saw this picture I had to have it! Michelle took a picture of my husband and me jumping on the bed throwing rose pedals in the air. It’s an amazing shot! (this should be your signiture photo) Thank you Michelle for being so patient with us when we were feeling so good after our wedding! Thank you as well for the thank you cards you had made for us highlighting this photo. I love them!

One day after the wedding Jeff and I left for our honeymoon. A week later, when I was able to use my phone again, I jumped right on Facebook to see if anyone posted any pictures. The first thing I saw was a slide show with an artistic touch from Michelle. She had already shared the entire wedding with my friends and family. As I picked up my bags, my husband and I were able to see the best snapshot of our big day. What a treat!

If you are looking for a photographer, I wouldn’t hire anyone else. I’ve been in 6 weddings and have never experienced a more professional, flexible, passionate, and caring person like Michelle. I can’t wait to have kids one day so she can shoot them as well.

I’m sorry I wrote a novel, but Michelle is worth every word!

Thank you Michelle for providing us with the most beautiful memories a girl could ever wish for!